Jon Lajoie’s Kickstarter

Jon Lajoie’s Kickstarter

DONATE HERE: Please help me raise 500 million dollars so that I can accomplish my dream of becoming SUPER rich. Produced…

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  1. AmputatedMetalMaggot says:

    hmmmm idk what it is but for some reason I keep thinking about episode 1 in
    season 18 of south park all about kick starter by doing nothing for

  2. IronyGreifing says:

    his net worth is 500k

  3. Angry Comik19 says:


  4. MrTedMcForehead says:

    I hope this isn’t real.

  5. TheTownzFinest says:

    Pretty much like every other kikstarter

  6. Sanic says:

    Show me your genitals

  7. Joshiepoo95 says:

    I gave $10,000 and met him in person!!! Like for real! I swear!

  8. Phizo HD says:

    its seems almost 600 people don’t comprehend sarcasm 

  9. Xoswapty says:

    If he takes the money you donated….you all are fucked

  10. Petto File says:

    Wow what a fucking asshole. Even if I had tens of thousands of dollars
    lying around I wouldn’t donate it to some lazy jackass who can’t go out and
    get a job. And he goes on to say he’s famous. Really? I never seen this
    guys stuff for sale anyway. Never seen a CD. Never seen him on itunes. Hell
    I don’t even hear people talk about him. And he wants money. Clearly he
    doesn’t know how to make money. You don’t just e-beg for people to give you
    10k dollars.

    All in all SCAM.

  11. Cody Brightman says:

    If he actually made this kickstarter, you know people would pay him lol.
    People funded a “help me make a potato salad,” campaign.

  12. Slaughtz says:

    My $21,474,836.47 is yours.

  13. Andrew Boynton says:

    liek if u cried

  14. Yagi says:

    I don’t really see much difference between this and Anita Sarkeesian
    Well, at least Jon is being honest.

  15. BloodyiBall0 says:

    $83,492,458,270.63 pledged

  16. Metaljam Peanutcore says:

    more like DICK STARTER xD

  17. McZidanne says:

    Fuck kickstarter

    i use indie gogo instead.

    Fuck money

    I prefer using credit card allowances.

  18. Hermaeus Mora says:

    Over a million views for a joke Daniel Tosh already did…wow.

  19. thehamburglar says:

    fuck kickstarter, kick retards harder

  20. Brad123127 says:

    “Because what I do is way more important than all of those other things.”