Selfies With Strangers!

Selfies With Strangers!

first time trying this little experiment! I thought it’d be fun to try taking selfies with strangers! I think i’ll try in every country we tour! this time we…

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  1. Bryan George says:

    You stole this from Adam the Woo and Justin Scarred……


    Did Charles just give me the v sign?

  3. soulseek2 says:

    am i the only one who thought that the guy at 0:42 kinda looked like johnny
    depp? in a japanese way ^^

  4. RainbowCharms58 says:

    In England, you’d get no selfies but you’d more likely be hit with a
    handbag by some stressed out woman or kicked by some chav…

  5. The Daily | Vlogs says:

    That was awesome 

  6. KubasRevs says:

    The guy at 1:33 looks like a Japanese version of Daymos or whatever the
    tattoo guy’s name is. 😀 

  7. Nyasia IllestRoyalEver says:

    I can’t believe how many nice people there are!! ❤️ 

  8. mel says:

    Hahahaha amazing big brother

  9. KrazyAttack says:

    The girl at 1:16 is a baeeee

  10. kayla tackett says:

    I don’t want this to sound rude at all, but why do people in Japan always
    use the pease sign when they take pictures? Does it have a special meaning?

  11. HalloweenHellmouth says:

    1:32 – It seriously looked like that cop was pissin’ on his bike. Just
    sayin. HAPPY HAUNTING!!

  12. Monica Siegel says:

    Asian Dave Grohl at 0:43

  13. hoa huynh says:


  14. Toast4tw says:

    Wow, it’s doesn’t look as bad as when you did the high fives but i’m pretty
    sure thats still considered rude in Japan. Did they not tell you about the
    culture etc. ?
    That’s basically like going up to someone in the western world, grabbing
    his balls and asking “Hey how’s it going?”

  15. mujtaba saeed says:

    1:20 not a completely stranger he’s wearing CTFxC t-shirt 

  16. kpk4803 says:

    Isn’t a backwards peace sign supposed to be really offensive? Lol

  17. JetlinerX says:

    Damn, Tokyo is really attractive! O_O

  18. Touka Kirishima says:

    Japanese girls <3

  19. Lacey41908 says:

    This is so awesome! Everyone in Japan seems SO nice :)))

  20. hfhfhhf1 says:

    Haha aww this video was really sweet! All Japanese girls/women are
    stunning! In fact i think that’s a regular occurrence with most Asian
    girls. They have such good genes, i’m so jealous!